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When you call on us, we provide:


a free assessment

A free assessment We visit your property to examine your floors and assess its condition and any previous treatment.  We’ll discuss with you their amount of use and how you’d like to see them restored.

We’ll cover the feel of the room; the overall ‘look’ you wish to create; the amount of likely wear; and the degree of Asthma Safe, Pet - Friendly Products, Clean Green Planet, Child - Safe products in Londonaftercare you wish to devote to your floor…

Then we’ll tell you the best means of restoration for your particular floor - and the most suitable flooring materials. There is now a tremendous choice of traditional and modern stains and sealers. Natural or artificial, wax or lacquer, we’ll demonstrate their special qualities - so you can then decide which you need for the floor you want.


fixed prices 

Fixed PriceAs our prices are set for every job in the floor restoration process - we can create the restoration programme to fit your budget.

You’ll know exactly what you will be paying - with no surprise costs.




efficient preparation 

Efficient Preparation A floor sanding job will take at least a full day - and several days for multiple rooms or larger areas. We can allow no heavy traffic in the work areas duying that time. You’ll get our estimate of timings during your free assessment.

If necessary, we can deal with old carpets - in both remvoval and disposal. As for furniture, it has to be moved fromEnvironmental Choice in London all areas, but this need be no problem for you. Let us do it for you. Simply ask us during your assessment.




Minimal disruption and mess

Minimal disruption and mess in LondonTraditional sanding is very dusty and noisy. The older-style drum sanders tend to spread dust that can linger for days.  We minimise this dusty atmosphere with our modern cylinder sanding machines. They have a unique dust collection system - the attached bags are kept outside the room to be sanded. We restrict dust by masking off doors and windows - and vacuum frequently.  London Eco Home





The complete service

The complete service Stains and varnishes need a level finish for perfect adherence and an even coating. Uneven areas hold dirt and are prone to wear. Our use of edging sanders enables us to sand up to the edges of a room - and awkward areas are finished with fine tools by hand - resulting in a smooth surface. Zurich Insured London

If youhave traces of bitumen or ‘Victorian’ style black wax on the floor - never fear. We get right into the corners and remove every trace of this unwelcome residue.

And when we’ve given every room the final once over, vacuumed and packed up? We’re on hand with aftercare and advice for you to maintain your floor's beauty and utility in the years to come.


Go for the best – contact us today!

‘Sounds straightforward - I’ll hire a machine..’

Sounds straightforward Then please think again. Sanding is definitely a job for trained professionals. If you go to a hire shop, you’re likelyGreenguard London to take home one of the old and cumbersome cylinder machines. As a first-time user, you could well leave ugly clatter marks - or more lasting damage. You’ll be surprised at the noise - but that’s nothing to the dust..  

So for all our sakes, let’s avoid the jobs we hate - when we have to rectify the efforts of an enthusiastic amateur. Hiring a machine is unlikely to save you money. And you may end up having to pay out a lot more.

Remember that sanding is just one stage in the whole process: you need to choose the right stains and sealants for your wood type and use...  Ask us - we’ve worked on the lot so can give you the best possible advice.


        Floor sanding is no weekend job - call in the professionals


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